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For the Global NO.1 Seafood Company

Born new for innovation of Seafood Export, Processing and Distribution in Clean
area of Gadeokdo. Recognized by professional seafood company’s soaring in the world.
DH always will be forward with you!



Constant challenges and changes for new future


Efforts to give better life for everyone


어부의 마음ㆍ漁夫之心ㆍFisherman’s Heart

Every year, we worked hard for all the family. Thankful and satisfy from the
nature which gives us plentiful grain and to have this with neighbor.
Sincerely hope this again for the next year by sowing seeds.

한해 동안 가족이 먹는다는 마음으로 열심히 땀을 흘려 농사를 짓고 자연의 순리에 따라 얻은
곡식에 대해 만족하고 감사하며 이웃과 함께 베풀고 다음 해의 풍년을 위해 씨앗을 뿌리며
간절히 바라는 마음


DH Orange
C:11, M:65, Y:93, K:0
R:221, G:117, B:30

DH Blue
C: 85 M: 50 Y:0 K:0
R: 3, G:110, B:184

The main color, orange represents dream and hope with warm feeling of abundant nature. The sub color, blue represents a deep,
wide and endless future like sea.


Logo is shape of fish which presents the company’s spirit. It symbolizes will and faith of the company to become the top in this field of business by constantly challenging the existing problems and pioneering the future.


Two curved lines show the flexibility of the company to adapt to the fast paced world and the dot inside represents the continuous improvement and moving forward. Blue line, Orange line and the dot represent the vast ocean, the pillar of the hope and the eye of the seafood respectively. The combination of two curved lines and the dot means for the future oriented ideal and will to move forward to the new future.