Production to distribution

570, Gadeokhaean-ro 2beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea, 46769

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Research and Development

Development of product with detailed and thorough inspection done by the best
research team through studying differentiated taste and quality management.

Hygiene Facility

It is equipped with hand sterilizer, foreign body remover, disinfection of working tools, and boots washer at the entrance, and disinfection and washing area at each working places to strictly follow the principle of hygiene and cleanliness.

Process Facility

It has the most advanced facilities that enable from simple process to roasting, cooking and freezing. The product manufacturing process is conducted in One-line, One-step from the production line such as roasting process, cooking spice kettle, steam machine, belt freezer, process line and refrigerated store to rotary/ butter curl machine packaging.