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Welcome to DH SEAFOOD Co.,Ltd

DH is an export, distribution, process specialized company located in the clean area of Gadeokdo Island in Busan. Starting from export of short neck clams to Japan in 1998 to export of frozen clams to Spain and Portugal, we achieved ten million US dollar export of single clam product.

To maximize the export and domestic supply, we constructed the new factory in Gadeokdo. Based on strict quality control through HACCP certificate, we produce safe products with the most advanced hygiene and process facilities.

On the behalf of customers, we will always consider health and safety as two top priorities and develop new seafood products to serve various and delicious seafood to customers.

Core Value

积极进取 “적극진취" 助人为乐 “조인위락” 百尺竿头,更进一步
"백척간두, 갱진일보"
Enthusiastic and cooperative spirit through strict scientific methods Happiness from helping others Pioneer new things through ceaseless challenges and changes.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provide products and services on the behalf of customers
2. Seek for new things with open and creative mind
3. Do not afraid of failure and achieve the challenging goals
4. Have pride and responsibility and learn to be professional
5. Do not settle in the present and move forward to better future
6. Respect each other and cooperate together
7. Work hard for the dream