Effort and pursuit for sustainable development

We constantly challenge and change to create new future value

o achieve current and future growth, we must get out of the way of the past and lead the change in a time when no one can predict the future. We are never afraid of taking the risks that no one has attempted and have always pursued new ways and exploited Europe market beyond Asia market. With our mission of "Deliver safe and delicious food to all," we work to diversify existing products, research and develop new products, and think about the future marine food.

We dream a dream.
We dream to let all the people know the excellence of Korean seafood.

We dream a dream.
We dream that one day, everyone can enjoy fresh food without worry.

We dream a dream.
We dream that one day, everyone happily lives their life.

Our dream will come true.
As we firmly believe that we can achieve
As we move forward with our passion and energy,
DH will be recognized by the customers.

There is nothing impossible if DH does.
We will do our best to be the best.